Toddler Time

Tuesday and Thursday – 10 AM to Noon
Price – $6 per child (one parent jumps free)

We have a special time when we open the facility to Little Air jumpers (under 46"). Little Air jumpers and their parents are the only ones allowed during this time. Parents cannot share a trampoline with a child, but can jump near them.

*Toddler Time is not available during blackout dates or holidays.

Club Air

Join us every weekend for a night of hoppin' music, fun with friends and, of course, jumping!

  • Friday and Saturday – 9pm to closing
  • Get 2 hours for $15
  • Get 3 hours for $20


Saturday – 8 AM to 10 AM
Big Air – $12, Little Air – $6
We offer a dedicated time just for jumpers with special needs. Music is played at a lower volume and the park's atmosphere is calmer. One parent or guardian can support jumpers on the trampoline for free. Siblings of jumpers are welcome to jump for the same price, but should be more careful during this time.
*A Special Time Just For You is not available during blackout dates or holidays.


If you would like to rent knockerballs for your party, give us a call!

  • Thursday-Friday – 6pm to 9pm


Get Air shares its space with DEFCON 1. DEFCON 1 is a series of tactical combat games using dart blaster guns in an arena designed specifically for battle. Beat your friends in a game of Capture the Flag or Last Man Standing, all while dodging foam bullets. Paintball meets laser tag in this game of survival.

DEFCON 1 will rotate through a series of combat games to test strength, agility and precision. Become the captain of your own fate during these thrilling games. Hide on top of tall towers, behind walls or take a risk by running out into the open. Come see if you have enough stealth to be the considered the champion.

DEFCON 1 is for shooters above 46 inches tall. Vests, safety glasses and the basic guns are included in admission prices.