Get Air shares its space with DEFCON 1—a series of tactical combat games using art blaster guns in an arena designed specifically for battle. Beat your friends in a game of Capture the Flag or Last Man Standing, all while dodging foam bullets. Paintball meets laser tag in this game of survival.

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DEFCON 1 will rotate through a series of combat games to test strength, agility and precision. Become the captain of your own fate during these thrilling games. Hide on top of tall towers, behind walls or take a risk by running out into the open. Come see if you have enough stealth to be the considered the champion.


Have you ever wanted to be a king and have your own kingdom? Now is your chance! Your castle is being attacked by another village, and it is up to you to stop them and overthrow their castle. Your mission: be the first team to take over the castle of the other village. The first team to get into the opposing team's base wins. Don't get shot as you battle your way onto the first step. Remember, there is no camping inside of your own base. Revival rules do apply.


Do you have the skills to go into enemy territory and get what you deserve? The enemy has something you need and you have something they want. Make your way into enemy territory and capture their flag, all while protecting your flag and trying not to get shot. The first team to bring the flag back to their base is the winner of the game. If a player is shot, the flag remains where the player was hit. Revival rules apply, however the person may not carry the flag while reviving.


This game requires a watchful eye at all times. Always be on the lookout for the safety of your queen bee, your teammates and yourself. Each team has one designated queen bee to protect. If your queen bee goes down, your team loses the game! Team members must protect the captain for as long as possible. Like a true leader, the queen bee must be out amongst the troops and not hiding in the base. Revival rules apply to everyone except the queen bee.


Zombies are back for revenge on the humans. Can the humans stay alive or will the zombies overtake the population? Zombie goal: get more zombies. Human goal: get rid of the zombies for good. When a zombie is hit, they are out of the game. If a human gets hit, they turn into zombies and are now against the humans. The last group standing wins!